Finest Cuisine at Sea

It may seem like an audacious statement to hail our cuisine as "the finest at sea," but not when the legendary master chef Jacques Pépin serves as our Executive Culinary Director. With his genius for inspiration and his culinary wizardry for guidance, our immensely talented chefs masterfully create cuisine that earns rave reviews from our guests, course after delectable course.

All the ingredients for magnificence are present, in particular, the intimate nature of our ships, which enables our chefs to carefully and thoughtfully prepare each dish á la minute. Nothing need be ever rushed or produced en masse. Menus artfully reflect the regions where our ships sail, enhancing the experience, adding authenticity and ensuring tremendous variety

Master Chef, Jacques Pepin

As our Executive Culinary Director, Jacques Pépin brings his legendary cuisine and unique culinary artistry to the restaurants of Oceania Cruises. Host of award-winning cooking shows on national public television and author of more than 20 cookbooks, Jacques has served as personal chef to numerous heads of state and currently serves on the faculties of some of the world’s most prestigious culinary institutions.

Jacques works closely with our team of Executive Chefs to develop menus that blend new and exotic dishes with revered classics. When not filming or making public appearances, Jacques is at home in the New England countryside, where he relishes in entertaining family and friends.

Open Seating Restaurants

Diversity is our watchword, especially in the four, distinctly different restaurants onboard Regatta, Insignia and Nautica and six distinctly different restaurants onboard Marina and Riviera. Each restaurant’s liberating, open-seating policy awards you with the freedom to dine whenever, wherever and with whomever you wish. Perhaps you would like to dine early with fellow guests that you met on a shore excursion. Or you may prefer a quiet table for two, allowing you time to linger long into the evening. The choice remains completely yours. Simply request a table when it pleases you, and the maître d’ will see to your wishes.

Service is equally obliging and truly exceptional, the happy consequence of there being fewer guests onboard. It’s as if someone is always standing solely for you, anticipating your requests and catering to your every need.

Signature Dishes

In the course of a single voyage, our chefs create literally thousands of different dishes, each one a showcase of their phenomenal talents. The menus are replete with meticulously prepared items that may range from a delicate souffle to a robust King’s Cut Bone-In Prime Rib. Add the tantalizing array of Jacques Pépin Signature Dishes that are always available, and there is no end to our chef’s virtuosity.

Consider our artisan breads. They are made with special Viron flour, milled from the highest quality wheat grown in the fertile Beauce region of France. In the hands of our gifted boulangers, this rare baker’s delicacy becomes a cornucopia of freshly made breads of every imaginable style, including poulichettes, brioche rolls, croissants, bacon bread and the only authentic baguettes at sea. Each one is richly textured delicately flavored and nothing less than perfect.

Afternoon Tea

Four o’clock in the afternoon is recognized as teatime the world over. It’s a ritual that harkens back to 19th-century England. But few teatimes are as anticipated and inspired as ours, a celebratory daily event that irresistibly draws guests to Horizons. As a classical string quartet plays softly in the background, the stage is set for our staff to display our pastry chefs’ prodigious talents. Freshly made finger sandwiches, colorful petit fours, richly textured scones, and wonderfully sinful desserts are lovingly presented on bountiful tiered pastry carts. Of course, an equally tempting selection of tea, that most quintessential of English beverages, is served. Sit back, enjoy the grace and civility of the moment, and take in the panoramic views.

Beverage Packages

Designed to enhance your onboard culinary experience, our House Select and Prestige Select beverage packages offer both convenience and value.

HOUSE SELECT - Designed for guests who enjoy wine or beer with lunch and dinner, this package offers a wide selection of Beer, Champagne and Wine by the glass during meals in any dining venue including room service.*

PRESTIGE SELECT - Designed for guests who enjoy spirits and libations during dining hours and beyond, this UNLIMITED package offers a wide selection of Spirits, in addition to Beer, Champagne and Wine by the glass which may be ordered at any hour in all bars, lounges and dining venues including room service.*

*Room service during regular operating bar hours.