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A country of rugged mountains, ethereal forests, pristine lakes and sandy beaches, Poland is not traveller’s immediate destination of choice, but it’s worthy of consideration. Aside from its natural wonders, Poland has preserved architectural masterpieces that belie a rich cultural legacy. After all, this is also the land that gave the world some of its leading scientists: Nicholas Copernicus, Marie Curie and Frederick Chopin. It is also home to Lech Walesa, who led the Solidarity movement that restored Poland to democracy.


Gdansk has been one of the Baltic Sea's most enchanting seaports since the Middle Ages. Its eclectic blend of traditional German, Polish and modern influences adds to its charm. And today this once sleepy fishing village is one of Poland's hot spots for contemporary art with plenty of exciting nightlife and spectacular restaurants. A must-visit for culture vultures.

  • Gdansk's Royal Way, a treasure trove of 14th - century architecture that includes churches, towers and elaborate city gates.
  • The Great Armory, an impressive example of Renaissance architecture that is now an art academy and shopping mall.
  • Europe's largest Gothic castle, built by the Teutonic Knights, in Malbork.