If you are involved in an unfortunate accident or lose your travel documents while travelling, you could be financially stretched or the vacation with your family can be disrupted.

EQ Travel protects you, your loved ones and your personal belongings when you take that well deserved holiday. Our advantage is that we not only provide essential protection to you and your family while on vacation, we also cover travel related problems you encounter.

24 hours Emergency Medical Assistance
Unlimited Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Cover
Pays for medical expenses incurred overseas arising from injury or illness
Pays for travel & accommodation expenses including cost of obtaining replacement travel documents
NEW! Overseas Daily Quarantine Allowance
BONUS! Covers for spoilage of food and drinks in the refrigerator or in the freezer at your residence which was left vacant for the full duration of the trip.
BONUS! Pays for losses or damage to rental Winter Sports Equipment under your care.

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