From panoramic mountain ranges to vast deserts, beautiful beaches to tropical jungles, as well as heritage sites and an enduring indigenous culture, Peru has much to offer its visitors. The country is most noted for the Machu Picchu pyramids, remnant of the great Incan civilisation that is understandably one of the most famous and photogenic archaeological sites in the world – as well as the Nazca Lines, geoglyphs that continue to mystify even the scholars who study it.


The cultural and economic heart of Peru, Lima once served as the seat of power for the Spanish Empire of South America. Lima is home to fine museums of archeology, art and even gold.


  • The Historic Centre of Lima, made up of the districts of Lima and Rimac, a World Heritage Site because of its significant architecture.
  • The catacombs beneath the Church of San Francisco are a sight to behold, as are the thousands of antique texts you'll find in the library of the adjoining monastery.