Perhaps the most famous of the Caribbean Islands, Jamaica needs little introduction to any holidaymaker. It’s the birthplace of Bob Marley, who popularised reggae – and Jamaica, by extension. So anyone who’s heard or danced to Marley is already familiar with the cool, laid-back vibe of his native country. Of course, misty green mountains, white sandy beaches and lush vegetation should give you more reason to come experience Jamaica’s colourful, carefree lifestyle for yourself.


In Falmouth, Jamaica, step back to a time when quaint wooden houses lined the streets, village carpenters hand crafted custom furniture, and tavern keepers warmly greeted town guests. Often compared with Colonial Williamsburg, this historic town comes with an advantage - the beautiful Caribbean Sun. You'll return with sun-kissed skin, timeless memories as well as interesting historical tidbits to share with friends, like this one: Falmouth received piped water before New York City.


  • Falmouth's Historic District for impressive collection of nineteenth-century Georgian architecture, from small wooden houses to brick Georgian mansions to plantation complexes. Many of the buildings are still intact and renowned for their unique gingerbread woodwork.
  • The Greenwood Great House museum, where you'll find yourself transported to the mid 19th century. Music and history lovers alike will be enchanted by the Caribbean's finest antique collection as well as a large and rare collection of musical instruments.
  • Falmouth’s 30-foot bamboo rafts for a romantic and adventurous ride on the Martha Brae River. Sit back as the raft captain guides you through an exceptional view of the island's tropical scenery.
  • The Luminous Lagoon, a natural phenomenon with microscopic organisms that illuminate the water. Evening tour boats can guide you through these waters, or you can take a dip and watch your skin take on a neon glow.

Montego Bay

"Mo' Bay," as the locals call this town, competes with Ocho Rios as the island's most visited resort town. Montego Bay has great bars and restaurants, renowned shopping, and an endless array of leisure activities. And with the friendly hospitality of the Jamaican people, having a great time is always "no problem."


  • Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, including Rose Hall Beach Club. White sand and crystal-clear water make this secluded private beach well worth its $8 admission fee. You'll find beach bars and restaurants, an open-air dance area, showers, restrooms, volleyball courts and a full watersports program.
  • Swimming, sunning, snorkeling, diving, partying and horseback-riding on the island's beaches, then relaxing with a local favorite, Red Stripe beer.

Ocho Rios

The town of Ocho Rios, on Jamaica's north coast, is edged with beautiful white-sand beaches and unbelievable landscapes. Contrary to popular belief, its name does not refer to "eight rivers," the literal Spanish translation. It’s derived instead from the Spanish word "chorreras," meaning "waterfalls," of which Ocho Rios has many.


  • Dunn's River Falls, the “Niagara of the Caribbean” and one of Jamaica's most famous waterfalls, just west of downtown Ocho Rios. The cool mountain waters plunge 600 feet to smooth limestone beds, then stream under the roadway before mingling with the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Whether you climb the falls or swim in the chilly eddies on the ocean side, you're sure to remember this place. You can also take a downhill bike ride through limestone valleys where a variety of impressive ferns make for an amazing landscape. Stop at the eight springs that form Dunn's River Falls. Then continue to the bottom of the falls.
  • A comfortable Land Rover safari ride to experience the real Jamaica, then a 2,000 feet climb to Murray Hill for a panoramic view of Ocho Rios, the Blue Mountains and Cuba.
  • An exciting adventure off the coast of Ocho Rios on board the 90-foot yacht San San. Or, a guided raft ride down a two-mile winding tropical river to enjoy the lush Jamaican foliage. Or, An invigorating river-tubing safari down the White River.
  • The Jamaican Shopping Bonanza tour to shop for the perfect souvenir in over a hundred duty free stores.