Ukraine is one of Europe’s most geographically varied countries. It’s home to the spectacular Carpathian Mountains, history-rich central plains and the stunning Black Sea coast. Its resorts on the Crimean Peninsula have long been a summer destination for Russians, but soon, the rest of the world will surely follow.


Odessa's famous cultural traditions and spectacular architecture are a testament to its rich history and part of its lure for famous artists, poets and scientists. Odessa is all imperial extravagance. Grand summerhouses, terraces and the splendid opera house of gilded friezes and plush red velvet. So go on – indulge yourself. Discover the enchantment of shady lanes, beautiful buildings and cozy squares between samplings of local Golubtsy (cabbage rolls), confectioneries, caviar, vodka, and Crimea wines.


  • Potemkin Steps, the symbol of Odessa. The views from the top of these 200 steps are magnificent.
  • Opera House, the beautiful Baroque-style opera house of Odessa, which has lavish structures and an imposing bronze and crystal chandelier.
  • Catacombs, created over 200 years ago, they cover hundreds of miles underground, and made great hideouts for residents during the war.


Founded in 1773, Sevastopol is one of the largest sea ports and a cultural-historical centre in the south of the Ukraine. In addition to the 4 theatres, 11 Palaces of Culture, 10 museums, 4 stadiums, and 3 yacht clubs, there are over 1800 historical monuments for you to enjoy.


Founded by Greek sailors and located on the coast of the Black Sea, this bay city is surrounded by wooded mountains and scenic scapes. With open air markets, vineyards and orchards in the vicinity, Yalta is the perfect place to discover the charms of the Ukraine.