From the moment the locals greet you, “Ahlanwasahlan,” meaning you are welcome in Morocco – you may just be tempted to stay. A visit to this country will take you an exotic fantasy land of elegant minarets, grand palaces, breathtaking oases and rugged mountains. A mix of Roman, Arab and European influences also combine to make multicultural Morocco ever stimulating – and ever welcoming of guests from all over the world.


With its whitewashed buildings quite dazzling against the beautiful blue Atlantic, Casablanca is a cosmopolitan city wrapped in Moroccan mystique. The city centre is modern and energetic, whilst the Arabic, African and European influences offer and added layer of mystery, and contribute to its unique flair.

Bordered by the omnipresent Atlas Mountains and the warm waters of the Atlantic, this area known as "Casa" is a desert oasis and Africa's second largest city. Casablanca is a modern city with beaches bordering the Atlantic and broad, tree-lined avenues. The city is also your gateway to Morocco's interior and the exotic "Imperial Cities" of Rabat and Marrakech.


  • Mosque of Hassan II, one of the world’s largest religious monuments, which can accommodate 20,000 worshippers inside and 80,000 in the courtyard. Designed by the acclaimed French architect, Michel Pinceau, it has world’s tallest minaret and a glass floor that overlooks the ocean.
  • Nearby Marrakech, Morocco's second oldest Imperial City and a place of orange and jacaranda trees, dazzling bazaars, markets, minarets and medinas -- a haven for writers and artists.
  • Caleches, traditional horse-drawn carriages that are a relaxing way to see different parts of the city. They have the right-of-way and can access many places that cars cannot.
  • Musée Dar Si Saïd or Museum of Morocco, for local crafts displayed in restored homes and mansions of great historic significance.