Isolated from the world in the early 20th century because of an extremely conservative ruler, Oman has had a 'Renaissance' in the last few decades. Marking an age of prosperity and progression, this beautiful and enigmatic has opened its doors to let visitors discover its natural beauty. Interestingly, Oman’s transformation has been undertaken with a deep respect for the past. There are only a few high-rise buildings in the capital; the country’s ancient forts (over 2,000 of them) have been carefully restored; while the practice of centuries-old crafts is being encouraged. More importantly, the locals still hold on to traditional Arab values of hospitality and practical piety. All these make Oman a shining example of Islamic culture at its finest.



As one of the Middle East's oldest cities, dating back to the 2nd century AD, it's hard to believe that Muscat has been open to tourists for only a few decades. But seeing is believing! From the beautifully manicured parks and long, unspoiled stretches of beach to the stone moat that still surrounds the area, it is clear that Oman's monarchy has worked hard to protect the rich history and small, safe neighborhood feel of its capital city.


  • Al Jalali and Al Mirani, Muscat's two mountainside forts, said to have been prisons during the 16th century Portuguese occupation. These seemingly invincible buildings are now museums, drawing royalty, heads of state and other foreign dignitaries. From their position atop a mountain ridge, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the harbour and the old city - so bring your camera!
  • Underwater exploration in Oman's 1700 kilometers of clear blue coastline consisting of stunning coral reefs, scenic fjords and spectacular sea life - comparable to the world's most beautiful dive sites. Above water, you can explore the beautiful coast on a dolphin and whalewatching tour or set out on a fishing boat to troll for Barracuda, Red Snapper and more.
  • Mutrah Souq, Muscat's oldest market and one of the city's main sources of entertainment. Browse a variety of goods and souvenirs like frankincense or gold and silver jewelry, or a khanjar - the traditional silver dagger of Oman.