It’s easy to say Brazil embodies all that you imagine South America to be. A seductive country with dazzling beaches. Lush rainforests, including the world’s biggest, with some of the rarest plants and wildlife. Energetic cities pulsating with the different cultures running through their veins. The world's fifth-largest country in both size and population, and also among its largest economies, Brazil simply is larger-than-life. Just look at Carnival, the yearly festival that draws the world’s attention to Brazil. An opulent celebration of life and all its pleasures, Carnival captures the spirit of Brazil.

Rio De Janeiro

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro is set within the most breathtaking background - the 120ft Christ the Redeemer statue, in itself a sight you will never forget!


  • For the most unforgettable views of Rio, board the cogwheel train and ascend Corcovado Mountain, through the rainforest to the base of the famous statue.
  • Take the aerial tramway in the afternoon to Sugarload Mountain, for amazing panoramic views of the city, its beaches and Guanabara Bay.
  • Carnival, the vibrant world-famous festival celebrated just before the start of Lent. It's marked by parades and street revellers in larger-than-life costumes.

São Paulo

The largest city in South America and a melting pot of cultures, San Paulo’s attraction lies in its people and vibrant culture. As Brazil’s most modern cosmopolitan city, there is something for everyone from outstanding cuisines, fine museums and galleries and wonderful beaches. Visit the Jardin district, the center of São Paulo’s social scene and sample some local delicacies.


  • The Museo de Arte Sacra, which has what is considered the best collection of colonial art and artifacts in South America.
  • The restaurant capital of Brazil, São Paulo’s diverse cuisine reflects its rich immigrant history.
  • Avenida Paulista, where locals go after work to stroll, shop and enjoy the fruits of their labour.
  • Football fever! Visit the town’s big clubs - São Paulo, Corinthians, Palmeiras, and Portuguesa - to witness the Brazilians’ passion for the game.