The Falkland Islands are one of the last untouched wildlife wonders of the World. Unspoilt beaches, islands and cliffs provide a natural safe-haven for hundreds of species which have made the Falklands their home. Watch albatross soar gracefully through the air against a backdrop of beautiful blue sea and sky, elephant seals sparring on the beach, the tiny Cobb's wren hopping along the shoreline, killer whales circling offshore in pursuit of a meal or sit patiently alongside king penguins and see fluffy chicks waddling about.

Port Stanley

Stanley, also known as Port Stanley, is the capital and only true city in the Falkland Islands. It is located on the isle of East Falkland, on a north-facing slope, south of Stanley Harbour, in one of the wettest parts of the islands.

The atmosphere of Stanley is decidedly friendly and rural - a lack of city hustle and bustle, no traffic lights, little traffic, small streets, greetings from passers-by. There is no movie theater: pubs are plentiful for the size of town and population; several gift shops specialize in Falkland knitwear, hats, t-shirts, crafts, souvenirs and Falklands' books, several of which are well worth the monetary investment and space-weight they take up.