When it comes to spectacular scenery and shimmering seascapes, few areas can rival the Mediterranean. Its coastline is a magical mix of silky beaches, dreamy coves and precipitous cliffs, all lapped by lukewarm waters in a thousand shades of blue.

Amalfi Coast Italy’s coastal pin-up is pure Mediterranean bliss with cliffs plunging into sparkling azure waters and villages hanging onto vertiginous slopes.

Côte d’Azur Join the European jet set on the French Riviera as it snakes along the lavender-scented coast from one celebrity hot spot to the next.

Turquoise Coast A boat cruise is a popular way of exploring the clear blue waters, hidden coves and ancient ruins of Turkey’s western Mediterranean coast.

Dalmatia Hundreds of verdant, unspoilt islands clutter the clear waters off Croatia’s Adriatic coast.

Galicia Lighthouses and remote fishing villages pepper the wild cliffs of Galicia's Atlantic seaboard.